Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan To Be Stripped Of Her Title Because of Nude Photos and Sex Scenes

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Olivia Jordan the newly crowned Miss USA 2015 may have to return her title because of her nude photos swirling online that has given her a big headache.

The Miss Oklahoma is scheduled to represent the United States for the Miss Universe 2015. Bad news for her she have broken the terms of the Miss USA contract.

An example of stipulation by Miss USA contract states:

"I have NEVER appeared on any television contest, game or reality show or applied to be a contestant or participant on any television contest game or reality, and I have NEVER appeared, or agreed to appear, in any other television show or motion picture."


I acknowledge that, by way of example, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing in any way, having appeared in public or permitted myself to be photographed in a state of partial or total nudity or in a lewd, compromising or sexually suggestive manner constitutes a violation fo this provision (this includes photographs or images that may appear on any web site, such as MySpace or Facebook.)”

The nude photos were posted on online forums and Facebook groups, they were talking about the possible dethronement of Jordan as the new Miss USA 2015 because of the photos.

Olivia Jordan’s nude scene in the TV series "Murder In The First" were she appeared naked showing her full behind was also leaked online.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

US fashion designer Marc Jacobs Uploaded nude pic on Instagram

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Instagram, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs nude, Marc Jacobs dick

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs suffers a big blunder by accidentally uploading a nude photo of himself on his Instagram account.

The 52-year-old designer is trying to send a private photo of him to a friend but unfortunately he uploaded it publicly. The photo showed his naked butt. It was captioned with: "It's yours to try."

After realizing his error he removed it immediately. But it was too late.