Thursday, January 16, 2014

Harry Connick Jr. Shakes Things up in "American Idol" premiere

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The rookie "American Idol" judge Harry Connick Jr who's known for his 1993 Christmas album "When My Heart Finds Christmas", stole the show with his witty remarks and criticism to their contestants.  American Idol season 13 premiered Wednesday January 15, 2014. Joining Connick, were returning judge Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban.

Connick said about being a judge: "I don't know what kind of judge I'm going to be other than to say I have to be honest." "To send somebody out of the room crying is a terrible feeling, but if it's the right thing to say, I think you have to say it."

He's not afraid to criticize contestants he even said, “your mom’s favorite singer.” He also said no even if Jennifer and Keith have already said yes,  “I don’t think you’re a good enough singer. No.”

Here are a few of this funny quotes:

"She's already good enough to be a backup dancer. Just that move alone, you got the gig with me. So if nothing else works out..." referring to the contestant's mother who's clearly nervous.

"He is a long shot, but it just might twerk!"

"Jen, I am impressed by the rocks that you got."

Connick was also toying with Jennifer Lopez big ego. Overall, the premiere was fun to watch and this is a good start for "American Idol."

Guest post by Randy
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