Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kate Gosselin Nannies Nightmare

Kate Gosselin Nannies Nightmare, Kate Gosselin eavesdropping, Kate Gosselin spying on kids

Kate Gosselin has been reportedly spying on her kids whenever they are talking to their Dad Jon over the phone. She also ask her nannies to eavesdrop on the children for her. She's a real control freak.

Radar Online revealed on their report about Kate ordering nannies to spy on Jon in a secret manual for babysitting. The guidebook list down all the nannies duties and responsibilities which includes tasks such as gardening, cleaning, and even eavesdropping on kids while they are talking to their dad. If they failed to follow her rules, she'll freak out. She also demands that the nannies read and memorize the rules. She also asked the nannies to limit the conversation between the kids and their dad Jon, and Jon should never be allowed to go in the front gate of Kate’s home.

A nanny who used to work with the Gosselin said: "Even if we had a conversation about nothing, I had to email her all the details. And I also had to keep a log of every time Jon returned the van to make sure he used the correct amount of gas!”

She also said that working with Kate is a nightmare, and Jon is the complete opposite since he is kind and respectful.  

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