Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cara Delevigne Too Fat for Victoria's Secret

Cara Delevigne, Robert Konjic, model

Cara Delevigne, Robert Konjic, model

Male model Swede Robert Konjic said that Cara Delevingne "model of the year" is too fat to wear and walk in Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie fashion show.

"They are famously strict if you let go even a little, then they don’t want you," Konjic said at the Chopard Christmas party at Annabel’s. "So I wasn’t surprised that Cara wasn’t walking this year. I bumped into her at the British Fashion Awards and she looked very bloated," he added. 

Check out her picture below at the British Fashion Awards, she's not fat nor bloated. Models are too skinny the industry should do something about that. It is not normal and it promotes unhealthy dieting among ladies and teens . She looked very healthy and she's even glowing. Skin and bones is not beautiful.

Cara Delevigne, Robert Konjic, model

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