Thursday, October 31, 2013

Neo-Goth Look this Halloween

Do you want the goth look this Halloween but don't like to over-do it and look like a character from an anime? A sublte goth look can be fashionable if correctly done. Gothic look is characterized by dark lipstick, pale looking skin just like characters from Twilight, and black nail colors.

Check out Suzy Gerstein, a makeup artist, advise on how to look like a fashionable goth:

“The ’90s look, with all that eyeliner and heavy lips, is too much and can look cartoonish,”

“The main components are still there, including a heavy brow and a pale face. But you must look pale without looking washed-out.”

Step 1: “Start with your normal foundation and mix in a shade that is just a touch lighter, or even a white pearl highlighter. That way you can get a pale base without looking like a ghost.”

Step 2: Combined a rose-colored and brownish shadows around the eyes to produce a soft red-rimmed look.

“For this look, because it’s all about the lips, the eyes should simply nod to the goth look without all that smudgy liner. And no mascara! That’s the mistake that most people make. Because the lip is wine-dark, the eyes should look a bit undone. As for brows, brush color into them in an upward motion. That way, you can get a heavy color but avoid looking like Groucho Marx. Conceal under-eye circles, but not too much. That little bit of darkness under the eye is all a part of the goth appeal.”

Step 3: Avoid rosey or pinkish blush on, and preferably use a taupe sculpting powder on the cheekbones.

“I use MAC, in a neutral tone. It’s a clever way to enhance bone structure without that flush that rouge gives. It’s like invisible blush, which works well when dealing with a paler look.”

Step 4: For the Lips it is suggested to use deep purple that is close to black pencil like MAC Nightmoth. And the center should be the darkest part. Finish it off with a few translucent powder to manage the glossy look.

“Don’t be afraid of the darkest color in the store. Don’t even be afraid to mix in some black eye pencil with the color. The key is looking like you just ate a bird, or a rat.” .

Step 5: Use a highlighter to provide an overall glow to the cheekbone, brow bone and cupid’s bow.

“the idea is not to look undead. That will make you appear tired, instead of sexy. The point is to look soft, but scary: beautiful, but like you might bite someone.”

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